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Zylkene Chews - 14 pack

Zylkene is a clinically proven calming supplement containing ingredients of natural origin for dogs and cats facing challenging situations.

How does it work?
Zylkene contains a natural milk protein called alpha casozepine that has been clinically proven to calm and relax animals. Alpha casozepine delivers calming messages to the brain via the body's natural messenger system (scientifically known as Neurotransmitters) to naturally calm your cat or dog.

Easy to give
The complementary feed is easy to give. For larger dogs, simply feed them the palatable chew.

When to give Zylkene?
Give Zylkene 1-2 days before a triggering event or change in environment. These short-term triggers may include firework displays, thunderstorms, being home alone, travel or boarding, moving to a new house, a trip to the groomer or vet. Zylkene calming supplements are an ideal choice to help support your cat or dog during these challenging situations.

Features and Benefits

  • Contains ingredients of natural origin
  • Works inside and outside the home so pets feel calmer wherever they are
  • No side effects like drowsiness
  • Easy to administer and proven palatability
  • For short-term challenging situations
  • Most recommended calming supplement by vets


Ingredients: Maize pregelatinized starch, glycerin, yeast extracts, cellulose powder, casein 10% (trypsin hydrolysed bovine casein), acetic acid esters of monoglycerides and diglycerides of fatty acids made from soybean oil, soybean oil

Zylkene Chews - 14 pack

PriceFrom $45.00
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