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Voila - Ultimate Treat Pouch - Large

Not just your average treat pouch!


Why You Need It

Behind every good dog is a great trainer. And behind every great trainer is an arsenal of tools and resources.


After years of trialing dozens of treat pouches, we were determined to engineer a training tool that solves every design challenge.


Crafted from the highest-quality, food-grade silicone, this multipurpose style transitions from a treat carrier to a waterproof drinking bowl on the go.


A spring-assisted closure makes it easy to open and secure, giving you quick access, while a sturdy adjustable belt stays put no matter what.


It’s a highly efficient and easy-to-clean delivery system, capable of storing your dog’s treats while prolonging their freshness.


Key Features

  • Made from tear-resistant, non-toxic, BPA-free, 100% food-grade silicone
  • Designed with a wide-access mouth for speedy treat delivery
  • Sturdy and adjustable belt and clasp
  • Spring-assisted closure prevents unwanted access and spillage
  • Easy-to-clean, stink-proof, antimicrobial material
  • Belt is included
  • Optional extra - The Adventure Clip


How is Voilà’s Ultimate Treat Pouch different?

There are dozens of treat pouches on the market, but Viola's is the only design crafted from the highest-quality silicone with a spring-assisted mechanism for easy opening and closing. Every detail has been meticulously engineered—from a wide-access opening for speedy treat delivery to a sturdy, stay-put belt for hands-free training. We also carefully considered its slim, sleek profile—which makes it highly wearable without being cumbersome in the slightest. We’re confident you’ll love it after your first try.



  • Pouch Dimension: 8” x 5.75”
  • Buckle Length: 47”
  • Volume: 24 oz (3 Cups


Add on the Adventure Clip to get the most out of your Voila pouch!

Voila - Ultimate Treat Pouch - Large

$88.95 Regular Price
$80.06Sale Price
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  • Can I wash my Ultimate Treat Pouch in water?
    Yes! For the best results, we recommend filling the pouch about halfway with lukewarm water, adding a couple drops of dishwasher detergent, closing the pouch, swirling it to disperse the liquid evenly, and rinsing thoroughly before use. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning it in the dishwasher.


    My new pouch is a little stiff and makes a slight grinding noise when opening and closing. Is this normal?
    Yes, this is perfectly normal. The custom designed spring made for your pouch may need a short 'break-in' period. This will ensure that the metal contact points at the hinges are perfectly mated for a smooth operation. Before initial use, we recommend applying a few drops of oil included with your purchase.

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