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VetActiv8 - Dental Health

To reduce plaque build up and bad breath


✔ For dogs with oral hygiene issues
✔ Aids in the reduction of plaque and tartar
✔ Helps to reduce bad breath
✔ May assist with the prevention of dental disease
✔ A source of extra vitamins and minerals
✔ Can assist nutritionally deficient dogs

VetActiv8 - Dental Health

  • VetActiv8 Dental Health is made from 100% pure Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed sourced from the pristine waters off the Norwegian coast.

    Dental plaque is a soft sticky deposit of bacteria from saliva, food and fluid that coats the teeth and collects where the teeth and gums meet. These bacterial deposits can damage teeth, lead to the formation of tartar, and cause periodontal disease.

    Dental tartar (or calculus) forms when minerals from saliva are deposited into dental plaque, making it a hard layer that strongly bonds to the tooth enamel.

    Dental disease, such as gingival bleeding, can cause significant pain to pets and, as it advances, they can experience tooth and gum infection, inflammation, bone loss and tooth loss.

    Studies assessing dental treatment options in dogs found that compared to dogs not receiving A. nodosum, dogs supplemented with A. nodosum on a daily basis had:

    ✔ Slower development of dental plaque

    ✔ Significantly less plaque overall

    ✔ Significantly lower levels of calculus

    ✔ Significantly less gingival bleeding 2-3 months post dental surgery



    A. nodosum is a rich source of polysaccharides (e.g. ascophyllan, fucoidan & laminarin), phenols, amino acids, and an unique combination of vitamins and trace minerals. These beneficial compounds are absorbed into the blood stream and then released into the oval cavity via the saliva where they work to:

    ✔ Reduce inflammation

    ✔ Inhibit tartar build-up

    ✔ Prevent the adhesion of bacteria to the surface of the tooth, thus inhibiting deposition of plaque.



    Ascophyllum nodosum and its natural compounds have been found to have antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

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