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Vet's All Natural - Complete Mix for Puppies

For puppies to support healthy growth. Suitable for small-medium dogs up to 18 months, and larger breeds up to 2 years.


Complete Mix is a carefully balanced ‘muesli’ of natural foods which mimics the gut content of a prey animal. When feeding with fresh meat and organs, Complete Mix makes the diet more balanced.


All ingredients are preservative free and have been dried to prevent any thermal damage to proteins, vitamins and enzymes.


For best results, soak the Complete Mix in room temperature water for 24 hours. For immediate use, add warm tap water, soak for a minute, stir and serve. The Complete Mix and meat combination can be pre-made and refrigerated for four to five days, or frozen for up to six months.


Ingredients: Rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal, carrots, split peas, calcium carbonate, parsley, kelp, lecithin, barley grass, Vitamin C and dried garlic.

Vet's All Natural - Complete Mix for Puppies

  • Daily feeding guide

    Feed to target weight. This feeding guide should be used as a guide only – the amount of food your dog needs will vary with activity levels, breed, lifestage and gender. Monitor their body condition score and increase or decrease their food accordingly.

    Puppies (up to 2 years for giant breeds)

    Body weight Complete Mix Fresh water Fresh meat
    0-1 kg 25g 25ml 70g
    2 kg 30g 30ml 100g
    3 kg 40g 40ml 120g
    4 kg 50g 50ml 160g
    5 kg 60g 60ml 200g
    6-10 kg 100g 100ml 320g
    11-15 kg 150g 150ml 420g
    16-20 kg 200g 200ml 600g
    21-25 kg 250g 250ml 750g
    26-30 kg 275g 275ml 850g
    31-35 kg 300g 300ml 950g
    36-39 kg 340g 340ml 1050g
    41-45 kg 380g 380ml 1140g
    46-50 kg 425g 425ml 1300g

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