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The Pet Project - Bully Sticks - 5 Pack

Tough chew, no. 1 seller for puppies.


Our Australian Beef Bully Sticks (Beef Pizzle) are low in fat and a great chew to support dental health.  These are thin to medium Bully Sticks (steer) that are suitable for small to medium dogs.  For larger dogs we recommend the Roo Tail Tips for a longer lasting chew.


Bully Sticks are great for puppies as they are safe to chew on and can be fully consumed.


Product Details

✓  The Pet Project's premium natural treats.

✓  100% Australian beef.

✓  Naturally air dried, single ingredient.

✓  Gourmet pet treats, made and hand packed in Australia.

✓  Promotes dental health from chewing - great for puppies.

✓  Resealable bag for freshness.

✓  Packed with vitamins and nutrients.



No imported ingredients, made right here in Australia. From Queensland to Victoria and South Australia, your pups treats are supporting local farmers and manufacturers and creating local jobs.



Made with human grade ingredients, all of our treats are of premium quality so they'll know they're getting only the best possible treats.



Our range of single ingredient treats are great for pups with sensitive stomachs.

You'll have confidence that our treats contain only the ingredient on the label and nothing else - no additives, no fillers and no other nasties.



Our single ingredient treats promote dental health through chewing.

And, we have a range of treats specifically selected to help promote healthy teeth and fresh breath.


Human Grade Ingredients:

100% Australian Beef - nothing else!


The Pet Project - Bully Sticks - 5 Pack

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