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Canine Ceuticals - Stress-Ease

To aid in the maintenance of emotional wellbeing


100 mL oral liquid


A calming formula that may assist in maintaining healthy behaviour in dogs by naturally supporting the central nervous system in times of nervous tension or heightened states of emotion.

Studies show that the ingredients in Stress-Ease may help to:
✔ Support the body in times of stress
✔ Reduce nervous irritability and feelings of anxiety
✔ Decrease over-excitability
✔ Restore restful sleep patterns
✔ Aid in the relief of gastrointestinal upsets caused by stress
✔ Provide support during changes to an animal’s environment such as travel, moving home, fireworks, renovations, a new pet etc.

Proudly Australian-owned and made using 100% human-grade ingredients.
No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Canine Ceuticals - Stress-Ease

    Throughout history Bacopa has been associated with a variety of health benefits including heightened learning capacity, promoting memory and concentration, and as a nerve tonic for psychological disorders and nervous debility. Human and animal studies have shown that supplementation with Bacopa helps to reduce stress (as shown by reduced cortisol levels), anxiety, depression, irritability, restlessness and hyperactivity. Its potent antioxidant properties also work to protect the brain against oxidative damage, including the binding and detoxification of metal ions.


    Passionflower has a long history of use in the treatment of hysteria, general nervous agitation, insomnia and nervous gastrointestinal complaints. Passionflower is widely used as a general relaxant. Its activity in the central nervous system has mild sedative and minor pain-relieving qualities, and it is successfully used for a restless and overactive mind and to normalise an overly rapid heartbeat.


    Also commonly known as Ashwagandha, Withania is a powerful adaptogen with the ability to support the nervous system, particularly nervous irritability and exhaustion, by its supportive action on the adrenal glands. Considered a tonic to the nervous system, it has been known to help with cognition and concentration. While it is known to help with overall relaxation, it will not cause sedation. Increased effects are observed with ongoing use.


    Skullcap has traditionally been used primarily as a nerve tonic and mild sedative. It was also used in the treatment of seizures, epilepsy, hysteria, nervousness, and gastroenteritis.  Skullcap is also used for pain and to relax smooth muscle. More recent research has highlighted Skullcaps high antioxidant value. 


    Rhodiola has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries and is well regarded for building strength, stamina and vitality. Rhodiola has potent adaptogenic properties and studies have shown it to be beneficial in reducing states of anxiety and depression, while also enhancing learning, concentration, memory and mood. Many animal studies have found the herb to modulate the stress response and have a relaxing effect on the central nervous system. 

    There is increasing evidence that prolonged exposure to stressful life events is related to significant behavioural, endocrinological and neurobiological changes in both human and animal subjects. Studies show that long term administration of Rhodiola results in potent inhibition of the behavioural and physiological changes induced by chronic exposure to mild stressors.

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