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Sprinter Gold Focus

Focus™ is formulated using best quality organic and natural source ingredients and is free of herbs and other compounds which could ‘take the edge off’ performance.

As its name suggests, Focus™ helps maintain normal nervous behaviour in Greyhounds which are excitable and lack concentration when travelling, before and during races.

Many greyhound diets based on meat and dry food provide an inadequate intake of magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 to maintain normal nerve and muscle function. Low magnesium intake can result in nervous and excitable behaviour.


An organic form of magnesium, as magnesium proteinate (protein chelate) is included in Sprinter GOLD Focus™ to help ensure normal uptake of magnesium in the presence of calcium, phosphorus and iron supplements in the diet. Natural source d-α-RRR-Vitamin E acetate is included, as it has a role in normal nerve and muscle function, as does Vitamin B1 (thiamine).


Other vitamin co-factors, including Vitamin B2, Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Choline are included as they have roles in the metabolic action of magnesium and Vitamin B1.

Sprinter Gold Focus

PriceFrom $27.00
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