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Pre Packaged 500g Option
Perfectly formulated for the growing puppy, our Premium Puppy BARF will set your puppy up for success as they develop.

Ingredients: Beef & Chicken Meat, Lacto-Fermented Seasonal Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, BM Tripe, BM Offal Mix, BM Omega Oil Blend, BM Bone Broth, Minced Trachea, coconut oil, whole eggs, kelp powder, keferrin, zeolite & spirulina. 

Building on a grass-fed Beef & Free-Range Chicken base, our Puppy BARF includes a range of seasonal vegetables and our house-made Offal Mix to ensure the growing puppy has access to all the nutrients their bodies require.

For added long-term benefits you will also find farm-fresh Whole Eggs, Coconut Oil, our in-house made Keferrin and small batch Bone Broth.

Natural Tripe is added to our Premium Puppy BARF to encourage optimal digestion with natural digestive enzymes, probiotics and high Omega 3&6’s.

The probiotics in our Tripe acts to boost our dog’s gut microflora, and can reduce the chances of developing intolerances in our adult dogs.

Natural anti-inflammatories from Tripe and our carefully selected herbs & vegetables can act to reduce growing pains and teething pain in our puppies to help you through these early stages of life with your puppy!

Puppy BARF Blend - Beef & Chicken

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