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Pumpkin Passions -Medible Dog Treats by I LOVE A DOG

Medible Goodness

This special Anti-inflammatory formula blends the phytonutrients of pumpkin, molasses, flaxseed, millet and hemp seed oil with the natural therapeutics of turmeric, passionflower and Ceylon cinnamon.Great to soothe the bodies of older or active dogs, and the skin allergies of sensitive dogs, as well as an overall good health boost.

Human Grade Organic Pumpkin, molasses, flaxseed & hemp
with turmeric, passionflower & ceylon cinnamon

Our Pumpkin Passions are delicious medible morsels of nutritious goodness designed to help alleviate inflammation of joints and skin. Packed with nutrient dense ingredients these treats provide a daily dose of nature’s best medicine.

Made with love.

Pumpkin Passions -Medible Dog Treats by I LOVE A DOG

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