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Prime100 SPD Lamb & Rosemary

SPD™ (single protein diet) Lamb & Rosemary rolls are made with 100% Australian Lamb to provide a rich single source of protein for active dogs and puppies.


This roll is perfect for active dogs and growing puppies due to its higher energy content. The inclusion of rosemary can aid digestion, help alleviate muscle pain and boost the immune and circulatory system in dogs, and is a rich source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6.


Lamb is packed with essential amino acids and is a great source of dietary fats which help sustain energy.  It also contains a rich natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin and calcium to assist dogs with joint, oral and bone support.


Rosemary is also a great source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6. Designed for active dogs and puppies, this roll is also completely balanced for dogs of all life stages.


This Diet May assist With Diagnosing & Treating Indications Such As:

  • Food aversion


May Assist With and Ideal For:

  • Active Dogs
  • Suitable for all breeds and life stages
  • In particular puppies
  • Post-surgery
  • Inappetent dogs
  • Fussy dogs
  • May help alleviate muscular pain (rosemary)

Prime100 SPD Lamb & Rosemary

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