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Prime100 A/F Pea & Hemp Oil

The Pea & Hemp Oil Dog Roll a/f200V™ Allergy Support is an advanced novel hypoallergenic non-meat based elimination diet, made specifically for dogs with suspected allergies and/or sensitivities.


This non-meat based food is completely balanced for adult dogs and contains natural anti-inflammatory and antihistamine ingredients that can assist dogs with certain allergies. Used for elimination diets or food trials, this non-meat roll is complete and balanced for adult dogs to be fed long term. Containing natural anti-inflammatory and antihistamine ingredients which may assist with some allergies. This diet also contains the major essential amino acids – lysine, methionine, tryptophan and taurine, natural digestive enzymes and prebiotics, to help improve gastro-intestinal immunity and animal wellbeing.


Pea protein (Isolate) contains essential and non-essential amino acids your dog needs for healthy body function, it’s also a great source of iron and lysine which helps support muscle growth and a healthy immune system.


Hemp seed oil is about 80% is essential fatty acids (EFAs) – linoleic acid, Omega-6 (LA, 55%), alpha-linolenic acid, Omega-3 (ALA, 22%) gamma-linolenic acid, Omega-6 (GLA, 1-4%) and stearidonic acid Omega-3 (SDA, 0.2%) – and this is a near optimum Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acid ratio (3:1) your dog needs to maintain a healthy balance of inflammatory and metabolic functions. Hemp seed oil’s essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid is an anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce skin allergies and improve clinical signs of atopic dermatitis. Hemp seed oil can also enhance blood circulation and stimulate a dog’s cognitive thinking.


Broccoli is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory superfood. Broccoli is high in selenium, potassium and magnesium, with flavonoids and carotenoids, and antioxidants selenium and vitamin E work together to lower oxidative stress in the body and help battle chronic inflammation.


Tapioca is a hypoallergenic carbohydrate, with a very bland taste, and is extremely easy to digest.


Carrots are very high in carotene antioxidants and dietary fibre, and are high in potassium, provitamin A, vitamin B6, biotin, vitamin K1. Carrots have been linked to lowering cholesterol levels and improved eye health.


Coconut oil is a great source of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and long chain fatty acids (LCFAs). Coconut oil can improve digestion and nutrient absorption. Coconut oil assists in clearing-up skin conditions including eczema, flea allergies, contact dermatitis, and itchy skin; it can also reduce the symptoms of IBD and colitis. For dogs with diabetes, coconut oil helps in regulating insulin.


Flaxseed oil contains high levels of linolenic acid (Omega-3) helping to sooth itchy skin, reduce hair loss, and support healthy skin repair.


Sweet potato are high in dietary fibre and great for digestive health. Sweet potatoes are also low in fat, contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, and are high in beta-carotene.


Pumpkin is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and alpha-carotene (a powerful antioxidant). Pumpkin is also rich in fibre helping to promote a ‘feeling of fullness’, even if fewer calories are being taken in, this can aid with weight loss due to decreased need to eat more food. Pumpkin’s high fibre content can also act as a laxative, keeping your dog’s gastrointestinal tract moving in a regular pattern.


Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Turmeric has been shown to reduce arthritis and joint pain, and its anti-inflammatory properties aid in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.


This Diet May Assist With Diagnosing & Treating Indications Such As:

  • Hyperlipidaemia
  • Food aversion
  • Food intolerance
  • Dermatitis
  • IBD


May Assist With and Ideal For:

  • Atopic issues/allergies
  • Environmental allergies
  • Inflammation symptoms
  • Highly sensitive/allergic dogs
  • As an adjunct to hydrolysed protein diets

Prime100 A/F Pea & Hemp Oil

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