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Prime100 SPD Chicken & Brown Rice

SPD™ (single protein diet) Chicken & Brown Rice rolls are made with 100% Australian Chicken to provide a rich single source of protein which may assist dogs with gastrointestinal indication and general food aversions.


This roll contains chicken meat and frame which provides dogs with a rich single source of protein and may assist dogs with gastrointestinal indications and general food aversions. The Chicken & Brown Rice roll is specifically designed for the large, giant breed and growing dogs due to the naturally combined amino acid, calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin ratios (1.5:1 Ca:P ratio).  This natural source can assist dogs with joint, oral and bone support.


Brown Rice is a novel ingredient that contains natural fibre, anti-oxidants, and is rich in selenium and high in manganese.  Brown rice can help the body synthesize fats and also benefits the nervous and reproductive systems.


The chicken in this product is sourced only from human consumption chicken facilities in Melbourne.  Designed for large breeds, this roll is also completely balanced for all adult dogs or puppies.


This Diet May Assist With Diagnosing & Treating Indications Such As:

  • Gastritis
  • Food Aversion


May Assist With and Ideal For:

  • Acute and chronic gastrointestinal indications
  • Post-surgery & post dental extractions
  • All breeds, particularly large breed dogs (glucosamine/ chondroitin content)
  • When the your vet is advises you to feed a prescribed “chicken & rice” diet (e.g. for diarrhoea or gastric upsets)

Prime100 SPD Chicken & Brown Rice

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