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Paws Right There - Goodbye Anxiety - Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

“Goodbye Anxiety” natural dog shampoo bar is perfect for those doggies who get anxious during bath-time. The gentle aroma of lavender & chamomile emit calming properties to assist easing signs of anxiety in your dog whilst you rub-a-dub-dub.

Benefits of this shampoo bar:

  • Lavender essential oil aromatherapy can assist in reducing the signs of stress, and anxiety whilst bathing.
  • Lavender essential oil properly prepared, used topically on dogs can work wonders to soothe itching, irritation and inflammation.
  • Natural and gentle yet cleansing formula that lathers up to a bubbly delight
  • ZERO synthetic fragrance oils - synthetic fragrance oils can trigger allergy symptoms in pets and people. We only use the highest quality essential oils to fragrance our products.
  • Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free
  • Sustainable ingredients, free from any Palm Oil or RSPO
  • ZERO plastic - do your bit for the environment change from plastic shampoo bottles to a shampoo bar


Our natural, handmade, vegan shampoo bars are packed with a blend of amazing oils to nourish and cleanse your dog’s skin and fur leaving it feeling silky, soft and free from any build up. We even noticed how fast our dog’s dried after bath time due to no silicone build up after rinsing! Our sulphate-free blend will cleanse your dog’s fur without stripping it of its natural oils and created using sustainable ingredient free from any palm oil or RSPO.


HOW TO USE: thoroughly wet dog with warm water. Lather the shampoo bar directly onto the fur in swirling circular motions to create a lovely little lather. Rinse well, dry, and set your dog free to do some “Zoomies” around the home (not mandatory, but we find most dogs love a mad 5 minutes after an invigorating cleanse). Finish off with some Paws Right There paw balm for the ultimate pamper session.


HOW TO STORE YOUR SHAMPOO: After usage, rinse bar of any loose hairs. To avoid sogginess caused by absorbtion of water, bar should be left to dry before storing. Store in a cool, dry place. The shampoo bar doesn’t have an expiration date if stored properly, and in a non-humid environment.


NET weight 80g 


Please note that due to the natural oils used, the colour may vary dependant on batch.

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, aqua, lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil, linalool  


Keep out the reach of children. Although we use the highest quality ingredients all dogs react differently, if your dog experiences any reaction please discontinue use immediately

Paws Right There - Goodbye Anxiety - Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

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