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I Love A Dog - Kanga Kisses - 180g

Kanga Kisses medible treats are a unique blend of super nutritious foods and therapeutic herbs that combine to provide a daily energy and immunity boost to aid overall health and fitness.


This special Immunity formula blends lean, nutritious kangaroo with the phytonutritious beetroot and watercress (the most nutrient dense vegetable on the planet!), millet and hemp seed oil with the phytotherapeutics of moringa, barley grass and chia seeds.


Perfect for dogs who are fighting infections or facing cancer, are allergen sensitive, watching their weight, super active, managing other health issues or slowing down with age.



  • have a compromised immunity system

  • are being treated for cancer

  • are nearing10 years old or are older

  • have an infection or wound

  • want glowing health

  • are growing pups

  • sometimes eat things they shouldn’t



These phytonutritious treats are designed to boost immunity levels to keep your loved canine in pure health and peak performance every day. With the cleansing properties of multiple antioxidants and the energy sources of superfoods like beetroot, moringa and barley grass, these delectable and ‘medible’ treats may help prevent and restore cell damage, improve blood flow and support overall good health. Our recipe uses specially selected ingredients to promote optimal health and features ingredients that studies show contribute to the inhibition of some cancers.


Ingredients:(*Organic) Millet flour*, beetroot*, kangaroo (chemical free), eggs*, hemp flour*, coconut oil*, watercress (chemical free), moringa leaf*, barley grass*, black chia seeds*, hemp seed husks*, baking powder and citric acid.

I Love A Dog - Kanga Kisses - 180g

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