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Fureeze Freeze Dried Quail

Optimal Protein & Nutrient Blend ✅
Quail provides not just protein, but a rich blend of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients, fulfilling the specific dietary needs of both cats and dogs.

Great For Dental Health ✅
The small bones in quail aids in scraping away tartar and plaque. It’s a delicious way to support cleaner teeth and healthier gums, keeping your pet’s smile bright and breath fresh!

Ideal for Delicate Digestion ✅
With quail as a single-source protein, it’s an exceptional choice for pets with dietary sensitivities, fitting seamlessly into grain-free or specialized diets.

Pure & Transparent ✅
At Fureeze, quality isn’t just a word—it’s our commitment. Each quail meat piece stands free from additives and fillers, representing nature in its purest form.

Distinctive Palatable Flavour ✅
The freeze-drying technique gifts quail a unique crunchy texture and exceptional flavour, making it an instant hit, especially for the fussiest of pets and as a high-value training reward.


Ethically & Wholesomely Raised ✅
Our quails aren’t just raised; they’re pampered in spacious barns and fed with the finest grains. This ensures a quality life before they become a quality treat for your pet.

Fureeze Freeze Dried Quail

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