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Fureeze Dried Diced Possums

Rich in Omega-3 ✅
Enhance your pet’s internal health and let their fur radiate with the glow of wellness. Omega-3 isn’t just good; it’s essential!

Optimal Protein Levels ✅
Possum meat is a powerhouse of lean protein, promoting muscle development, tissue repair, and sustained health.

Tantalising Taste ✅
Crafted through the freeze-drying technique, possum meat boasts a crunchy texture that pets can’t resist—a premium treat for training sessions.

Hypoallergenic Goodness ✅
Perfect for pets with sensitivities. It’s pure, grain-free, and a single-ingredient source of protein.

Low in Fat, High in Health ✅
The ideal option for weight-conscious diets and optimal health maintenance.

Sustainably & Ethically Sourced ✅
While possums are protected under Wildlife Act 1975, our sourcing from Tasmania addresses overpopulation and abides by strict humane standards.

Fureeze Dried Diced Possums

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