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Flexi Xtreme Tape Black-Orange - 5m

The Flexi Xtreme Tape Black-Orange has been designed for everyone who loves extreme outdoor activities, so if you are looking for a durable retractable leash, then the Flexi Xtreme Tape lead is definitely worth being considered.


Combined with rigid quality, shock-absorbing elements and an extremely robust belt,  this Flexi Xtreme Tape Leash is the perfect retractable lead for challenging situations or for all extreme loads.


The Flexi Xtreme offers even more security with the X11 tape and even more comfort on all adventures thanks to the integrated damping belt. 


The key features of the Flexi Xtreme Tape Black-Orange include:

  • Integrated shock absorber absorbs abrupt pulls by the dog.
  • With a soft grip.
  • Reinforced tape [ Flexi X11-Tape ] to withstand intense usage.
  • Elastic soft-stop lead element.
  • From size M with adjustable grip sizes.
  • Comfortable braking system.
  • Adjustable handle ( except S size).
  • Belt outlet.
  • Extendable with Flexi Multi Box.


The Flexi Xtreme Tape Black/Orange Large: 5m tape leash for dogs up to 60kg.


Flexi has been the leading company when it comes to world quality retractable leashes. Flexi has established itself since 1973 as the market leader in nearly 90 countries. This German designer has been a worldwide bestseller for years providing high-quality, well-designed products known for their durability and lightweight design.

Flexi Xtreme Tape Black-Orange - 5m

PriceFrom $110.00
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