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Flexi Leash Classic - Large 8m

This is the Genuine Flexi Leash which is designed and made in Germany, whilst there have been a few versions and many copies, we only use the Flexi brand.


Elegant simplicity from one of the worlds oldest and most well respected leash brands.

Flexi are the originators of the retractable lead concept, and have perfected the design over almost half a century to what it is today.


The Flexi Classic series presents a range of lead sizes that all feature the ultra high quality, German made construction that customers in over 90 countries have come to expect from Flexi branded products.


Features include:

  • German made
  • German designed quality 
  • Customisable handle 
  • Inbuilt braking system 
  • Soft grip 
  • Chromed snap clip
  • Retractable


Flexi Leash Classic - Large 8m

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