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Copper and Friends - Copper Pet Bowl

Introducing the copper dog bowl, a simple and functional addition for your pet's daily hydration needs. With its unique properties, copper has been shown to slow aging, support immunity, improve fur, eliminate toxins, aid in maintaining lean muscle, and act as a strong antioxidant. Plus, its antimicrobial properties naturally prevent the growth of bacteria in your pet's water, avoiding the buildup of disease-causing biofilm that can accumulate in other types of pet bowls.


Cleaning the dog bowl has never been easier - simply run it under hot water with a little bit of soap and wipe it clean. Say goodbye to scrubbing and hello to crystal-clear water for your furry friend.


Our copper dog bowls are handcrafted from thick copper plated stainless steel, tested for purity, and come with a one-year warranty. Invest in the health and wellbeing of your pet by choosing the better way to hydrate.


Buy a copper pet bowl today and see your best friend enjoy its benefits for years to come.


Available in three sizes:

  • Small - 450 ml
  • Medium - 900 ml
  • Large - 1.8 L

Copper and Friends - Copper Pet Bowl

PriceFrom $44.00
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