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Company of Animals - Coachi Target Stick

COA Coachi Telescopic Target Stick extends from 15cm up to 70cm. The bright soft blue ball on the tip makes the target easy for dogs to locate.  


Target sticks are an invaluable tool for training dogs, pairing the target stick with a clicker can make teaching tricks easy and fun.

Dog / Puppy Training
Once the dog has learnt to follow the target you can easily direct him into position. Great for basic obedience like 'sit' and 'down' but also invaluable for more advanced tricks.

Telescopic Design
The telescopic design makes it convenient to transport in a pocket or treat bag when not in use and gives flexible options when training: 15cm retracted, 70cm extended.

Large Target
A 30mm brightly coloured blue (a dominant colour in dogs vision) soft foam ball at the end of the Target Stick provides a clear visual guide for your dog to follow.

Easy To Use
Great for all dogs and puppy training, basic obedience and trick training. The Coachi Target Stick, also has a soft padded handle, which is comfortable to hold.

Company of Animals - Coachi Target Stick

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