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EQDog - Click'n'Treat Pouch II

The Click'n Treat™ Bag has a convenient and quick one-hand opening feature. It allows you to keep your bag closed at all times, but quickly open it whenever you would like to reward your four-legged friend.

The Click'n Treat™ Bag has a front patch pocket with a Velcro closure. The pocket can accommodate a clicker, target stick, smartphone or whatever you wish. There is also a second large zip pocket (waterproof zipper) that can be used to securely store items.
The bag has a removable inner liner that is grease and waterproof, so you can carry greasy and tasty treats without having to wash the entire bag. It is easy to wash the inner bag separately just by unzipping it off the pouch; with one extra inner liner in the package, there will always be one ready for use. The adjustable belt length is 81 to 145cm which allows you to wear it over a thick winter jacket.

The Click'n Treat™ Bag is stable in any position during use and will enable you to reward your dog instantly. This is very important because a dog only connects the treat to the task if it is rewarded directly after completing the action. The bag can easily be moved out of sight by turning the whole bag behind your back which takes your dog's attention away from the treats and back to you.



  • Improved opening mechanism.
  • Quick & Easy one-hand opening.
  • Extra-large opening for easy access.
  • New fabric that is thicker and laminated with thin foam.
  • You can feel that it´s more padded which gives an exclusive look.
  • Water-resistant and water repellent fabric.
  • A larger pocket on the back, to hold a phone.
  • Pocket has a waterproof zipper
  • Reflective trim on the front
  • Inner bag 100% water and greaseproof.
  • The capacity of 1 L
  • Removable, grease and waterproof inner pocket
  • Plus 1 extra replacement inner pocket
  •  Includes adjustable belt 81 - 145 cm length

EQDog - Click'n'Treat Pouch II

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