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CEN Oil for Dogs - 1L

Provide your dog with the best!


Your dog’s diet and nutrition are key factors in a long, happy, healthy life. Modern preformulated pet foods may not be meeting your pet’s nutritional requirements.

Improve your dog’s health naturally with a highly palatable and digestible Omega 3 oil which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. CEN Oil may help with coat, skin, joint and digestive health by reducing gut inflammation and may improve skin conditions leading to less irritation.


The concentration and quality of CEN Oil result in a low daily feed rate making it an affordable and cost-effective addition to your dog’s diet.



✅ High in Omega 3 (60%)

✅ Highly Palatable & Digestible

✅ Shiny Coat & Good Skin Health

✅ Helps Support Your Dog’s Immune System

✅ May Help With Joint Health & Arthritis

✅ May Improve Mobility

✅ Helps in the Reduction of Inflammation

✅ Helps Support Calm Behaviour

✅ All Natural, No Chemicals

✅ Suitable For Dogs of All Sizes, Adults and Puppies

✅ Can be Given to Puppies When They Are on Solid Food or Kibble



1mL CEN Oil per 2kg Bodyweight Daily

CEN Oil for Dogs - 1L

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