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CEN Dog Vitamin C Powder

Helps support the immune system, collagen production and iron absorption.


Importance of Vitamin C For Dogs

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant for dogs – assisting immune system function, helping to neutralize free radicals in their bodies, protecting cells from damage, reducing inflammation and cognitive aging. Although dogs, unlike humans, can make their own Vitamin C in their liver, they produce lower amounts in times of stress or sickness. So supplementation can be beneficial.


Sodium ascorbate is a form of Vitamin C that is more easily absorbed by the body than Ascorbic Acid, making it an ideal choice for dogs. In addition, it is non-toxic and safe for dogs of all sizes.


Our Vitamin C powder supplement for dogs is available to buy online for delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.



✅ Post-Operative and Post-Trauma Dogs

✅ Dogs Suffering from Wounds, Infections or Diseases, Emotional Stress or Anxiety

✅ Competition Dogs e.g Endurance, Sled Dogs

✅ Inflammatory Conditions

✅ Dogs with Heaves, Allergies or Tear Stains

✅ Older Dogs with Chronic Infections or Decreased Immunity

CEN Dog Vitamin C Powder

  • Smaller Breeds Less than 15kg 15kg to 30kg
    Less than 6 months 250mg 500mg
    6 months to 1 year 250mg to 500mg 500 to 1500mg


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