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Bark and Beyond - Goat Trotter - 2 Pack

Meet Bark and Beyond - makers of delicious, nutritious treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

These Australian-made treats are free from nasties like hormones, antibiotics and additives. With Bark and Beyond, what you see is what you get - they're oven-baked, single ingredient, all-natural treats, and they'll have your doggo barking for more.

  • Made in Australia from locally-sourced ingredients
  • Suitable as a treat for dogs of any size
  • Oven baked, 100% natural goat trotters
  • Hard texture helps improve your dog's dental health as they chew
  • Tough, durable treats are designed to last
  • No added preservatives, additives, hormones or antibiotics
  • Please note: Bark and Beyond treats are all-natural, so the size and weight of each treat will vary
  • One more thing - goat trotters are naturally a little hairy. It's totally normal, and actually really good for your dog's digestive system and dental health!

Quantity: 2 Pack

Bark and Beyond - Goat Trotter - 2 Pack

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